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About us

Dynamo is all about making front line work safer and more efficient.

Our mission is two-fold

To enable every front line worker to go home safe to their family at the end of every shift.

To enable front line teams to plan, perform and optimise their work with ease.

Our founder's story

I'm Tehsheena Shams, I am the Founder and CEO of Dynamo.

Safety is very personal to me. I have seen first-hand how it can impact lives and loved ones.

My dad was a plant manager in a sugar mill in the 1980s. He once had a serious fall in the plant. No one knew he was hurt – it was only after a couple of hours that help got to him.

We were lucky he had survived, but the incident changed our lives forever. It was such a painful period of recovery for all of us as a family.

Digital technology has now moved to a point where we can alert the front-line worker on risks and hazards proactively and get them out of harms way…and we MUST do that- for our communities, for the industry, for the world.

All workers must go home safe, at the end of their shift – this is what Dynamo is about, this is what gets me and my team out of bed, every single day

The Dynamo team


Founder & CEO




Operations Lead


Product Lead Engineer


Front-end Engineer


Solution Architect


Full Stack Engineer


Full Stack Engineer


Mobile Engineer


Head of Finance


Project Manager



One to zero

Dynamo is all about making front line work safer and more efficient, so every front line worker can go home safe at the end of their shift.
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