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How Dynamo helps you


Proactively manage your site and operational risk and get your people out of harm’s way


Optimise your operations via digital work permits and forms with offline mode, no paper needed, ever


Drive a culture that revolves around safety and wellbeing of the front line

Supercharging safety-critical industries

We exist to move the dial from one to zero. We do this by bringing digital innovation in all phases of front line work.
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When you think of future operations, what do you imagine?

A journey SOS with timeline of events on a tablet

Imagine having a system that would integrate your risk assessments and work permits with real-time safety alerts on job.

Imagine being able to locate your teams in an emergency instantly with minimum response time – whether they are on site or on a journey

Imagine recording all data and observations in one app, even without internet connectivity. No need for paper - ever

Imagine having structured data sets so you leverage data to get real insights on  metrics that matter.

Imagine No More

For renewables

For logistics
For construction
"Dynamo has improved our control of red zones and personnel safety. I know exactly who is working and get notified immediately of unauthorised access.”
Ryan Linzner · bp Wind Complex Manager · Fowler, Indiana
Easy to implement

Easy to configure technology reduces implementation time to weeks vs months.

Frequent Updates

Every day we’re searching for new ways in ensuring  safety-critical industries.

One to zero

Dynamo is all about making front line work safer and more efficient, so every front line worker can go home safe at the end of their shift.
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